The healthcare system is sick. Digital health startups hold the key to improving outcomes, lowering costs and increasing patient satisfaction.

I’m Bryan Loomis, the founder and CEO of Viral Healthcare Founders. VHF is a collaborative, non-competitive community of founders and marketers dedicated to transforming Healthcare. I use VHF to spread to knowledge necessary for digital health startups to grow rapidly in an entrenched industry that’s set up for them to fail.

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Our Formula for Growing Digital Health Startups: the PAGE Methodology


The healthcare industry is broken. Digital health startups are fixing it. The true measure of success in digital health is not profit or growth, but your startup’s impact on patients’ lives.

Clearly define the “why” of how you and your people, product, or service are going to change the world. Then use it as your foundation.


People buy from people that they know, like, and trust. Define, cultivate, and convert targeted outsiders into true advocates who rely on you as a trusted resource and partner.


Make your message be the best news your audience has ever heard, so much so that if it were true it could change lives. Make your business and the way you talk about your business captivating, empowering, and compulsive to spread.


Efficient experimentation always beats a robust budget. Test your assumptions, validate your learnings, document, and lean into incremental improvements to stay agile and grow exponentially.

Viral Healthcare Foundry

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Have a great product but having trouble getting enough demos booked to meet your goals? As a lead generation and growth experts, we can help.


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At VHF Growth Standups, you’ll learn from growth marketing experts, hear from your peers as they go through the same problems you are experiencing, and get Bryan’s advice on your campaigns.

Standups are held every other week on Wednesday at 2pm ET/11am PT.

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Viral Healthcare Founders – Growth Marketing for Industry Transformers March 14, 2019